2017 Harley-Davidson Street Rod 750 Review


“We can confidently say that this is one of the best Harleys we’ve ridden. Unlike some of Harley’s past efforts in this space, the Street Rod is a value-heavy proposition. At Rs 5.86 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi), it does command a slight premium over the Street 750 (priced between Rs 4.91 lakh and Rs 5.18 lakh), although it undercuts the Bonneville family and has better components. And even though many may find it uncomfortable, or heavy, the Street Rod will appeal to customers who wouldn’t have considered a Harley as their next motorcycle. From our first ride, I can safely say that Harley has finally brought back a sport-oriented motorcycle.”

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“The Street Rod has a lot more character than the Street 750; not just visually, but in terms of the riding experience too. Harley-Davidson is clear about the distinction between the two, and says that while the Street is for fairly inexperienced riders, the Street Rod is a motorcycle for more experienced riders who want a smaller motorcycle for riding around town. It looks a whole lot sportier, offers better performance and handles a lot better too. Harley-Davidson says it has worked extensively on improving quality levels and fit-finish levels, and our test bike’s quality echeoed that promise.”

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“There is no denying the fact that the motor makes the Street Rod special. There are a couple of niggles that need to be sorted out, but then customisation has always been a H-D trademark and I’m sure there are plenty of bits that are ready to go on to the motorcycle already. Add to that the sharper handling through most conditions, better brakes and improved styling and the Street Rod makes a compelling alternative. Especially when you consider the Rs 5.86 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi) price tag. There is of course a barrage of green motorcycles that hit exactly the same spot, albeit with a different set of characteristics.”

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